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Sunday, 29 June 2014 22:10

Best City in The World

Written by Fernando Lizarraga
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White Night Melbourne White Night Melbourne

 If you talk to people who live in, have lived in or even visited Melbourne, they will tell you that  the thing that distinguishes the city from other Australian cities is the culture, arts and  museums.

Events, such as White Night Melbourne, where the community comes together to share and  interact, are one of the reasons why the city of Melbourne has been ranked for three  consecutive years as the best city in the world to live.

Melbournes viewMelbourne had a perfect score in health, education and infrastructure  during the Economist Intelligence Unit's survey. The University of  Melbourne is ranked as the best University   with in  Australia and number 28 worldwide. Choosing to live in Melbourne will not only give you  access  to higher incomes but also access to the best higher education  opportunities for you  and your  family. It will also offer you excellent medical services, and in general, a   better  quality of life than any other city in  Australia.


Australia is a country that encourages people to express themselves. Expression is not only talking to try and to share information, a feeling or an idea; it is also sharing experiences through art, music, food, sport, films and performances.


White Night Melbourne

White Night Melbourne is exactly that; an all-night cultural event to enable people to experience new aspects of human expression and human acceptance. Melbourne is well known for being a multicultural city but also a city full of art and passion. As we've said before, Australia is a country that supports and encourages its citizens and visitors to be accepting of different cultures and beliefs.

Events, such as White Night Melbourne, reinforce the ideal of multiculturalism and diversity found all around Australia. White Night Melbourne follows the French movement Nuit Blanche ("have a sleepless night") which started in Paris in 2002. The goal was to have an all-night cultural and arts festival where people could interact. The movement became so popular that it spread to cities like Melbourne, Toronto, Rome and Madrid and has since become a cultural phenomenon.

Interesting FactEspresso Machine

For all the coffee lovers out there, Melbourne had installed the second espresso machine in all Australia. The man who brought it to Australia in 1954 was Peter Bancroft, an Italian immigrant who installed it in the Universita Cafe in Lygon Street, Carlton. It still sits in the restaurant window bearing a sign saying, "Natural cream coffee – It works without steam."

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