VisAustralia Immigration Lawyers

VisAustralia is a migration and education agency that specialises in assisting skilled people move to Australia. VisAustralia has a long track record of assisting people make successful visa applications and can assist you obtain permanent residence.

VisAustralia was established as a consultancy in Mexico City in 2003 by Nicholas Houston and since then has advised thousands of people of their rights under the Australian migration legislation. VisAustralia has its main office in Canberra, the Australian capital city, and an office in Mexico City.

Initially VisAustralia worked exclusively with professionals and skilled workers seeking to migrate directly to Australia from Mexico and Latin America. In recent years our role has expanded to work with people from all over the world seeking to study in Australia as a pathway to migrating.

This makes us different from a traditional migration agency or education agency.

Migration and education services

VisAustralia’s expertise spans both education consulting and high-level migration advice. We provide an integrated education and migration service. Many education agencies do not have expertise in migration and cannot give advice about migration processes. In many cases an education agency will recommend courses that do not facilitate a migration outcome.

If your goal is to migrate you should not seek advice from an education agent who is not also a migration agent. Similarly, many traditional Australian based migration agencies are unable to recommend courses that facilitate a migration strategy or assist with enrolment and Student visa processes integrated with a migration strategy.

VisAustralia is unique in that it specialises in providing education advice with a migration focus. We are both an education agency and a full-service migration agency providing legal advice across the range of visa classes from student and skilled visas through to employer sponsored and family visas, and review applications.

For more information about the migration program and how we can help you, see Our Role and Our Services.

immigration Lawyers & Registered Migration Agents

The migration process is a legal process. Many migration agents are not lawyers, and for this reason are not familiar with the law outside the area of migration. This can be significant to your application if the agent does not have the depth of experience or expertise in law generally to be able to advise you in relation to all areas of your visa application.

An agent who is not a lawyer may not understand the full significance or interrelationship of legal principles underpinning the administration of migration law. You should always check whether a migration agent is also a lawyer before selecting that agent to work with you on your visa application.

At VisAustralia we are Migration Lawyers practicing as registered Migration Agents.

Our Story

VisAustralia was established in 2003 by Nicholas Houston and since then has advised thousands of people of their rights under the Australian migration legislation.

Our Experience

98% success rate!

At VisAustralia we are proud to have a 98% success rate for all visa applications lodged. This high success ratio reflects the quality of the service provided by VisAustralia and the professionalism of our work.

Our Commitment

At VisAustralia we recognise the commitment of each person who decides to embark on a migration journey. On boarding the VisAustralia ship we will do all that is possible to make sure you arrive in Australia safely with dry feet and a visa!

Our Team

Nicholas Houston

Director and Migration Agent MARA. 0428579

Nicholas Houston is a qualified lawyer admitted to practice law in Victoria in 1993. Nicholas attended Melbourne University, graduating with Arts and Law degrees in 1992, and completed a Certificate in Legal Practice in Melbourne in 1993. He registered as a migration agent in 2004 and has over twenty years of professional experience as a migration practitioner.

Nicholas speaks Spanish and has worked for many years with clients from Latin America. He lived and worked in Quito, Ecuador, and Buenos Aires, teaching English and learning Spanish for two years. He then returned to Australia and worked as a Senior Legal Officer at the Department of Immigration in Canberra for three years.

As a Senior Legal Officer, Nicholas was responsible for turning Australian Government migration policy into legislation. The work involved comprehending the legal implications of proposed changes and proposing amendments to the inner workings of the Migration Act 1958, the law upon which the Australian visa program is based.

In 2003 Nicholas returned to Mexico City and established VisAustralia. He has continued to work in the migration space ever since.

Nicholas is uniquely familiar with the education systems and organisation of business and professional life in Latin America, having assisted thousands of professional and skilled workers obtain accreditation of their qualifications and work experience in Australia and transition to successful professional careers in Australia.

He is married to a Mexican, lives in Canberra, and has two young children.


Rubel Chandra Gope

Lawyer and Migration Agent MARA. 1913762

Rubel Gope is a registered migration agent and fully qualified Lawyer, admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in in 2019.

Rubel graduated with a Master’s degree in Juris Doctor from the University of Canberra in 2018, and before that completed a Bachelor of Law degree LLB from the University of London, UK.

He has professional experience across multiple visa subclasses and specialises in assisting international students navigate the transition from temporary to permanent residence in Australia. Rubel has successfully prepared and lodged hundreds of visa applications for on-shore and off-shore migrants and approaches his work systematically and with great concern for the unique circumstances of the client. This is reflected in an almost perfect rate of success with the visa applications of his clients. Rubel is also experienced in preparing skills assessments, state nomination application, employer sponsorships as well as partner visas.

Rubel is fluent in English and Bengali. He joined the VisAustralia team in 2018.


Carlos Parrilla

Migration Consultant

Carlos Parrilla is a former Accountant with a Master’s Degree in Education and Business Management. He was registered as a Migration Agent in 2010. He has worked in Australia as Lecturer and TAFE teacher since 2007, and headed VisAustralia’s office in Mexico from 2010 to 2014.

Being a migrant himself Carlos is interested in helping explain the migration process in a schematic and comprehensive way to people outside Australia seeking either to migrate directly or to study as a pathway to migration.

Carlos’ work involves assessing candidates against the formal requirements set out in the Migration Regulations 1994 and also assisting VisAustralia clients understand and embrace cultural differences between Australian and Latin American culture that facilitates a successful transition to life in Australia.

Carlos has worked with VisAustralia for many years and is a core part of the VisAustralia team.

Beatrix Hardy

Client Liaison Officer

Beatrix Hardy started at VisAustralia in September 2021.

She is studying a double degree in International Relations and Arts at the Australian National University in Canberra.

She hopes to continue to work in the field of migration and International Relations in the future.

Dominiqu Hein

Business Manager

Dominiqu is VisAustralia’s Office Manager, the greatest generalist you have ever met.

With an Arts Degree in Philosophy from Canada, a postgraduate Marketing Diploma from Mexico and an MBA from DEAKIN University in Melbourne, and having lived the migration experience via Student, Working Holiday and Prospective Marriage/Partner Visas, she joined VisAustralia in 2009. In addition to keeping the rest of the team on track she manages client contracts, coordinates translations, liaises with our education partners and is in charge of accounts.

Dom is fluent in English, Spanish and German.

Emmanuel Rodriguez

PR Consultant

Emmanuel is a Public Relations professional with more 20 years of experience creating strategies for different industries. Prior to joining VisAustralia in 2016, Emmanuel worked as PR consultant for different companies in Mexico such as PR agencies and Coca-Cola.

Emmanuel is responsible for the communications and media strategy for the Latin American market at VisAustralia.

Carmin Romero

Marketing and Communications Officer

Carmin is a Communications professional with more than 12 years of experience in storytelling and digital marketing, as well as consumer management and B2B strategies.

She holds a bachelor degree in Science Communications and a postgraduate degree in Sacred Art. In addition, she has studied several diplomas including Ethical Social Media from the University of Sydney, and “Leading Strategic Innovation, how to lead with purpose” from Deakin University (Australia) and the Conventry University (UK).

After having lived the migration experience via skilled visa, Carmin joined VisAustralia in 2016. She is responsible for the communications and marketing strategy and liaising with client enquiries.