Our role as migration professionals is to:

  • advise you of your legal rights under the Migration Act 1958
  • help you navigate the complexities of Australian migration law and policy successfully
  • prepare the best possible applications to ensure you receive your visa quickly and without stress
  • represent you before the Department of Immigration (Immigration) and Australian authorities in relation to your applications; and
  • support and provide you with accurate advice throughout the time it takes to prepare your visa application.

Our role is more than filling in forms, although we do that, but to provide you with critical strategic input at each point in the visa process.

The Role of the Department of Immigration

The Australian Government makes migration law and policy and the Immigration administers the law. The role of Immigration is to determine whether your application meets the legal requirements for a visa.

The role of Immigration is similar to that of a judge. It is not the role of a judge to help you prepare your case, tell you whether you are eligible for a visa, or assist you prepare your application but to either grant or refuse the visa application in accordance with the law.

Your Role

Under the Australian visa system you are responsible for preparing your own application. However, you can request the assistance of a migration agent. To help applicants the Australian Government has established a system of registration of migration agents that ensures there is a body of competent and ethical professionals to help with your visa process.

At VisAustralia we are experts in what we do and it is our job to do the work that will result in the grant of the visa.

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