Lead Rated Courses

VisAustralia has analysed different categories of course that result in the ability to apply for a Skilled visa. We have classified these as Gold Rated Courses, Silver Rated Courses, Bronze Rated Courses, and Lead Rate Courses (for those not contemplating migrating).

Not all courses result in the ability to migrate. Lead Rated Course are courses that do not lead to an application for a Skilled visa. This does not mean the courses are bad or do not give you a great educational outcome. It just means that if you study a Lead Rated course you will not be able to apply for a Skilled visa based on your Australian studies.

Lead courses include English language courses.

Many education agents will recommend you enrol in a Lead Rated course. Education Agents are not Migration Agents and do not understand the Skilled visa requirements. They are paid an often-secret commission for enrolling you in courses at institutions they represent and are not concerned whether the course will facilitate your ability to apply for permanent residence in Australia. They are not paid to do this work and have no responsibility to you on this level.

In making your decision about what and where to study you need to understand the Skilled visa rules and the implications of the decision you make before you leave your country. You also need to appreciate the difference between an Education Agent and a Migration Agent.

Factors considered in issuing a Lead Rating

    All courses that are not Gold, Silver or Bronze Courses are Lead Courses. The factors we consider in giving a course a Lead Rating include the following:

  • the course is not related to an occupation in demand in Australia;
  • the course will not result in the ability to apply for accreditation either with or without work experience in Australia or anywhere;
  • the studies are not related to an occupation in demand in a particular Australian state;
  • the course may result in the ability to apply for a Graduate visa if it is at university level;
  • the physical location of the institute or university is irrelevant; and
  • your age and level of English at the time of graduation are irrelevant.
    • To identify Gold, Silver or Bronze Rated Courses specific to your personal circumstances and to facilitate your migration journey to Australia we invite you to arrange a consultation with a VisAustralia expert.

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