Australian and international companies can sponsor overseas employees to work in Australia either temporarily or permanently. To be a sponsor a company must be actively operating a business and show that the employment will benefit Australia and advance the skills of its existing workforce.

To sponsor an employee both employers and employees must make separate applications. Both must have a clear understanding of the laws that apply and both need to be aware of the visa conditions and obligations after the visa grant. This will help avoid any breach of visa conditions.

Temporary/Provisional Skilled Sponsored Visas

The temporary Skill Shortage visa – TSS (subclass 482) and the provisional Employer Sponsored regional visa (subclass 494)) allow skilled workers to live and work in Australia for an approved business for up to five years. Applicants can include immediate family members to their visa. After holding a provisional sponsored visa for a period of three years, workers and their families may be eligible to transition to permanent residency.

Permanent Employer Sponsored Visas

The Employer Nomination Scheme visa – ENS (Subclass 186) is a permanent visa. This visa allows the holder to live and work in Australia permanently. The employer needs to apply to nominate the employee and meet certain rules and the employee needs to apply for the visa and meet other rules. You may apply for the visa directly or after having worked for the employer on a Subclass 482 Temporary Skills Shortage visa for two or three years, depending on your occupation.

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