Skilled Visa Pathways

You can apply for a permanent visa directly from your country or after studying in Australia. In both cases you or your partner need to be under 45 years old, have a level of English sufficient to work in Australia, have qualifications and work experience in an occupation in demand in Australia, and pass the visa points test.

Whether you can apply directly or need to come to study in Australia first depends on a number of factors including your previous qualifications and work experience, your level of English, your age, and whether your pass the visa points test.

If you need to come to Australia to study you need to be careful to select a course that gives you the best chance of applying for a Skilled visa at the end of the course. Not all courses result in the ability to apply for a Skilled visa. Many students enrol in courses that do not facilitate a Skilled visa outcome.

These courses can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in school fees. You can waste many years of effort without achieving permanent residence in Australia.

To identify a highly rated course specific to your personal circumstances you need to arrange a consultation with a VisAustralia expert.

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study in a Region

If you are thinking about applying for permanent residency in Australia once your studies are over, living and studying in a regional area will give you a distinct advantage. Study in a regional area will grant you fifteen extra points in the points test for skilled migration visa applications.

In addition, Graduate visa holders (post-study work stream) who study in regional Australia and who live and work in regional Australia for two years are able to extend on their Graduate visa for one or two additional years. Regional Australia is anywhere that is not Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney.