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To apply for any Australian visa is to engage in a legal process under the Migration Act 1958. This requires you to meet legal criteria, compile evidence, and pay fees to different organisations for different services along the way.

Getting the right advice from qualified people at the right time is an important element in making a successful visa application.

After you have received your visa strategy and quote, the next step is to sign the VisAustralia Professional Agreement and pay the first part of the agreed fee to VisAustralia. On entering a written Agreement with VisAustralia we will start preparing your application.

Professional Agreement

We are required to enter a written Agreement with you setting out what we would agree to do and your responsibilities before we can start work. On signing the VisAustralia Agreement we will take responsibility for your case and for representing you to the Australian authorities. We will work closely with you to prepare the applications in the correct order and will be the first point of call throughout the visa process.

Migration Services

VisAustralia provides a premium, fixed price, migration service to our clients.

We will work with you throughout the visa process to prepare applications of the highest standard. A well-prepared application is your greatest guarantee of moving to Australia successfully.

It is our responsibility to assist you prepare documentation demonstrating that you satisfy the legal requirements for the visa. Our role is more than filling in forms, although we do that, but to provide you with critical strategic input at each point in the visa process.

Certifications and Translations

VisAustralia provides additional certification and translation services to our clients.

VisAustralia offers a full translation service in relation to Spanish language documents. We can also coordinate translations of other language documents if required.

If one of our lawyers or migration agents is able to sight your original documents then we can certify copies of those documents without charge for use in the visa process. This is a free service provided for our clients. In other cases, VisAustralia will charge a small fee for this service.

For more information about our certification service please contact one of our offices.

VisAustralia professional fees

Fees charged by VisAustralia depend on the kind of accreditation application, the number and kind of secondary applicants, whether a nomination application is required, and other issues such as health, police or other matters that need to be separately addressed. The fees charged by VisAustralia are determined according to the knowledge, capacity and professional time employed by VisAustralia in preparing high quality applications.

Payments are linked to progress on your application, with the effective pay points being the signing of the Agreement, the lodgement of the accreditation application, course enrolment, student visa application, expression of interest, and visa applications respectively, and when the Australian Government requests final documents (medical exams and police clearances). The payments are made over a period of about 18 months as your application advances through the system.

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