Sep 06, 2022

More migration places available in Australia 2022-23


The Australian Government has increased the number of permanent migration visas available in 2022-23 from 160,000 to 195,000 places. This increase means more opportunities and choices for migrants to live and work in Australia than ever before.


What are the key changes?

  • An additional 35,000 permanent visas will be accessible to visa applicants, effective immediately.
  • An increase of 9,000 places from the previous projected number.
  • To meet this urgent need, the number of state and territory visas is to increase from 11,200 last year to 31,000 this year.

The new places will be open to current and future permanent visa applicants, and they will cover positions at all stages of processing.
The Government will provide an additional $36.1 million for the processing of visas to supplement an existing workforce of 500 workers over the next nine months.

The Director of VisAustralia explained the key changes in this video:

Video in Spanish language here.

How will this benefits employers and applicants?

The Australian Migration Program sets out how many permanent visas can be granted each year.
The Government also announced reforms for our permanent residence visa program, which provides pathways for high-value migrant settlers and investors who have contributed positively to Australia’s society, economy, and cultural fabric, from software analysts to chefs, Australia will continue to be an attractive place to work.

A total of 195,000 places are planned:

  • There will be 142,400 spots in the Skill stream;
  • There will be 52,500 places in the Family stream;
  • A total of 100 places will be available in the Special Eligibility stream.

It is estimated that thousands more nurses and technology workers could settle in Australia this year, according to Government projections. These initiatives will allow Australia to meet any pressing skills shortages, provide incentives for migrants to build a life in Australia, and invest in the futures of both themselves and their families.
Skill Stream visas cover skilled migrants looking for employment or wanting to undertake skilled work experience as well as regional visa holders who live outside major cities but want to move closer to jobs or family in regional areas.


What’s next?

If you would like more information about how this announcement could benefit your immigration process or permanent residence, send us an email at to book a discussion with an expert.