Apr 26, 2023

The ACT Government announced major changes to its nomination program

In many cases, state nomination is a vital step in applying for migrating to Australia. The ACT Government has a generous list of occupations it will nominate, including Human Resources Advisors, Marketing Specialists, Construction Project Managers, Café and Restaurant Managers, Conference and Event Organisers, Accountants, Computer Professionals, Graphic Designers, and many more.

You can now apply for ACT nomination with an English language test score of Competent English (a score of 6 out of 9 on each part of the IELTS test or 50 on each part of the Pearson Academic). This score is down from the previous requirement of Proficient English (a score of 7 out of 9 on each part of the IELTS test or 65 on each part of the Pearson Academic). This new score is significantly easier to achieve and opens the door to many more people.

You can also apply from overseas if you have three years of work experience in your occupation. This is down from the previous requirement of 5 years. If you are already living in Canberra, you need three months of work experience in your occupation to apply with greater flexibility for periods of leave.

If you already live in Australia, we suggest you immediately start looking for work in Canberra and move as soon as possible. If you are overseas, we invite you to contact us to review your eligibility and to start work on your nomination process. Many of our clients and other intending migrants have been accredited and have Competent English and can now continue with the visa process.

The Australian migration program is open for business. The visa tide is moving in, and now is a fantastic time to apply to migrate.

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The list of Critical occupations is available here. To see all occupations on the List scroll down using the arrows in the top left corner of the chart.

ACT Occupation lists

Critical Occupations List April-23

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