Sep 28, 2021

South Australian state nomination program opens to offshore applicants

Last updated 27 September 2021

The South Australian Government opened its State Nomination program to offshore clients on Tue 28 Sep 2021.

This opening to people outside Australia marks the first expansion of the Australian Skilled visa program since the closure of the international border in March 2020. It reflects the strength of the local economy and the desire of the South Australian Government to encourage highly skilled professionals to migrate to South Australia.

This is very encouraging and we expect other state governments to follow the lead of South Australia and open their programs to people outside Australia in the next 6 months.

Who can apply?

The South Australian Government has opened the program to 70 occupations who it will nominate for the Subclass 491 visa. The occupations are very diverse and include Marketing Specialists, Environmental Consultants, Construction Project Managers, Production Managers, Public Relations Professionals, Human Resources Advisers, and Quality Assurance Managers. The full list is set out below.

To apply you need to have 8 years work experience in one of these occupations or a closely related occupation. For example, if you are an Industrial Engineer but have work experience as a Production Manager or Quality Assurance Manager, this would be considered closely related. You also need to have Proficient Plus English, being a score of 7.5 overall on the IELTS test or an equivalent test.

If you have the work experience and your English is within striking range of this score, we encourage you to contact us to review your eligibility and application prospects. While these standards are high, if you meet the requirements there is every chance you will be nominated.

In our view, the South Australian Government nomination program is one of the better state government programs, and if you meet the published criteria, there is a high probability you will be nominated and invited to apply for a Skilled visa.

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Complete Skilled occupation list 2021/ 22

South Australia 70 offshore occupations